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Are you are looking for a Cardiff uPVC windows company in South Wales? Protecta are proud of our reputation as an established local family Cardiff upvc window company. Put plainly, we are uPVC windows Cardiff installers that aims to supply the best value double glazed windows in Cardiff. Moreover, we pride ourselves on our commitment to your complete satisfaction. Therefore, we have teamed up with REHAU to provide the best solution for uPVC double glazing windows in Cardiff. Our market leading windows from REHAU provides unparalleled security, energy efficiency and great looks. Moreover, they are beautifully designed to improve the look of your Cardiff home uPVC windows. Additionally, we provide a triple glazed uPVC window option and a range of acoustic glass options too. Conveniently, we can also provide security, warmth, quality and colours to match for your new upvc windows and composite doors for your Cardiff home!

Cardiff uPVC windows double glazing
Double Glazed uPVC Windows Cardiff

Double glazing windows Cardiff

When it comes to double glazing windows Cardiff, Protecta are proud to fit the market leading windows manufactured by REHAU. Protecta supply these double glazed windows in Cardiff because they provide unparalleled security, energy efficiency and look great. Therefore, you can transform and improve the look and style of your home. Moreover, now is the perfect time to change any double glazed windows. For example, rooms starved of natural daylight. Get new and exciting ways of shedding light into your beautifully interior rooms. Perhaps you’re struggling to think how. Well, we’ve got some ideas that will help you to brighten up your living areas and mood in equal measure.

Do you fancy a change for darkened rooms in your home?

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uPVC Windows Cardiff by Protecta

If you're looking for a uPVC Windows Cardiff company, then you've come to the right place. Reassuringly, we supply made to measure uPVC bespoke windows, double or triple glazed and are the popular choice in Cardiff, South Wales. If you want a replacement uPVC casement windows, we have a huge range of styles. For example, top openers and side openers which can also be used to form bay windows. Moreover, if you're looking for a quote and sourcing a uPVC window company in Cardiff we do free on-site visits and quotes.

uPVC Windows and Doors

When it comes to uPVC windows and Doors in Cardiff, we understand you'll want to have the right colour, grain and design for your home. Whether matching or designed to stand out, at Protecta we won’t compromise on quality which is why we supply and install the REHAU profile. Moreover, it is the market leader in the manufacturing and development of upvc windows. Reassuringly, your REHAU UPVC windows Cardiff incorporates a reinforced, multi-chambered profile. This combined with our ‘A’ rated glass, we think, produces your perfect window.

Casement Windows

Protecta are a casement window installers in Cardiff that regularly install throughout South Wales. A casement window is one that is attached to its frame at the side by one or more hinges. Moreover, we can install replacement uPVC double glazed windows in your Cardiff conservatory, home or commercial property. With extensive experience, backed by quality suppliers and best value, we hope we can be your premier Cardiff window installer.

Protecta uPVC windows colour options
Cardiff uPVC Windows

Why not compliment your home by choosing one of our many different colour or foil options. More and more of our customers across south Wales and West are taking this option instead of the standard white. We give you the option of a colour or foil finish on the outside and white on the inside. Give us a call today to discuss our uPVC Window Cardiff colour options.

Triple Glazed uPVC Windows Cardiff
Triple Glazed uPVC Windows Cardiff

Another option we supply we supply are triple glazed windows. These uPVC window Cardiff offer greater thermal efficiency reducing your carbon foot print even further.

Triple glazed uPVC window

Do you need more sound proofing and insulation? Whilst double glazing windows in Cardiff perform extremely well, we also supply triple glazed windows. Triple glazing uPVC windows offer greater thermal efficiency.

Colour Double & Triple Glazed Windows

Why not compliment your home by choosing one of our many different colour or foil options for your double glazed windows in Cardiff? Consequently, more and more of our customers across South Wales and West are taking this option, instead of the standard white. We give you the option of a colour or foil finish on the outside with white on the inside. Our REHAU casement windows are available in a range of designs. Consequently, you can combine with different furniture and glazing options. As a result, this provides you with the ability to have full control on the production of your new uPVC window.

Stained glass, Leaded and Bevelled Glazed Windows

Our Casement windows are also available with many glass options. For example, we supply our uPVC windows as 'A' rated at no extra cost. However, you can also choose bevelled glass, leaded and stained glass to give your home the individuality you want. 

Multiple design options and finishes, 'A' Rated glass and Triple glazed window option.

Find out how we compare on price, selection and finish. For example, to Principality, MPN or Everest windows in Cardiff, by just booking a free home visit. Remember we also supply and install in other areas within South Wales. For uPVC Windows Cardiff and Composite doors at fantastic quality and great prices, call us today!

Casement upvc window with leaded and bevelled
Casement uPVC Windows Cardiff

Our casement windows are also available with a multiple of glass options. We supply our uPVC windows as A rated at no extra cost but you can also choose from added options including, bevelled glass, leaded and stained glass to give your home the individuality you want.


All REAL Aluminium profiles utilise innovative polyamide thermal break technology which creates a barrier between the cold air outside and the warm air inside. This technology significantly reduces thermal transmittance and enhances the overall U Value of a product. Consequently, allowing REAL Aluminium casement windows to achieve a Window Energy ´A´ Rating when used in conjunction with the correct double or triple glazed unit.

Choose from two styles available within the REAL Aluminium range. Square, our standard style window or Featured, a more traditional profile replicating the ovolo style of a traditional timber window.