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Do you need new flat roofs Bridgend area or perhaps fibreglass flat roofing in Cardiff? For your flat roofing Bridgend and Cardiff requirements, come to Protecta.  We are the industry specialists in GRP fibreglass and rubber roofs. Moreover, you'll get durability and longer lasting flat roofs with extended guarantees. We're an established and long standing family business that cover South Wales. Talk to us today and get a free quote.

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GRP Fibreglass Roofing Cardiff & Bridgend

Installing GRP fibreglass roofing in Cardiff or Bridgend will give you the piece of mind that other products can’t match.  Moreover, our resin applied to the high quality OSB boards will give you over 50 years watertight protection.  After all, this resin or fibreglass is commonly used in many water environments. For example, applications such as boats, water tanks and water transportation vehicles. This is because of its many suitable qualities, such as -

  • Cost effectiveness,
  • Durability
  • Is extremely long lasting
  • Smooth pleasing appearance


Flat Roofs Bridgend
Flat Roofing Bridgend & Cardiff

Rubber Roof Bridgend & Cardiff

Rubber roofs in Bridgend or Cardiff are an ever increasing popular choice for new flat roof in South Wales.  Moreover, it's a simple installation process. Importantly, our rubber roofs come with a 30 year guarantee.  Firstly, the durability of the rubber roof is assured with the industry leading waterproof membrane. Secondly, it's a relatively low cost application which are just some of the reasons why customers choose rubber roofs. Here's a short list of other reason why you might choose a rubber roof -

  • Easy installation
  • Long lasting 30 year warranty
  • Durable
  • Cost effective


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