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uPVC Windows from Bridgend to Cardiff

We are taking bookings for uPVC replacement windows and doors in South Wales. You can book in advance and schedule your home appointment today. Speak directly to one of our dedicated family experts. Alternatively, you can Send A Message via our online contact form.

For uPVC windows Bridgend region call 01656 743300 or uPVC windows Cardiff region call 02922 648778.

Now is the perfect time to change any rooms starved of natural daylight in your home. If you' fancy a change from darkened areas of your property but you're struggling to think about new and exciting ways of shedding light into your beautifully interior rooms then we've got some inspiration for you to brighten up your living areas and mood in equal measure.

Bespoke UPVC Windows Cardiff Installers Bridgend Made to Measure Porthcawl Replacement Double Glazing Glazed Colour Frame Doors 1

Casement Windows UPVC Double Glazed Cardiff Bridgend Porthcawl

Casement windows have hinges and are perfect for bay window replacement UPVC double glazing, they are also available in triple glazed option in a range of colours (above) which are coloured foil on one side and white on the other.

Bi Fold Doors French Doors and uPVC Sliding Doors

Maximise natural light and bring your garden closer

Patio doors and French garden sliding doors are the simplest, most effective way of encouraging natural light in from the outside. Rarther than fitting a new window and wasting valuable wall space, a skylight or roof light utilises ceiling space magnificently, encouraging abundant levels of daylight into your room.

Bifold doors are also engineered to maximise levels of natural light into your living areas.

Often installed as a luxurious alternative to French doors, sliding and folding doors boast large glass panels with maximised views, combining the convenience of a tilting window with the versatility of a patio door.

Double Glazing - New and Replacement Windows Installers

uPVC Interior Doors - Translucent Glass and Glazing

Call us on 01656 743300 to for FREE advice, or Send A Message and we'll call you back.

If you have doors fitted which block out possible daylight from hallways or connecting rooms, why not replace them with transparent sliding or folding doors?

Flooring Glass Panels - Now there's an idea!

If you’re looking at ways of getting more light into a basement or cellar for instance, a walk-on floor light glass panel could be fitted into the floor above, adding a burst of natural light from walkways above into rooms directly below.

Extra Light - Consider White flooring

It doesn’t matter whether it’s lino, laminate, carpet or tiled flooring, white and light coloured flooring easily creates a feeling of light and space for any living area starved of natural daylight.

Even if you’re not in a position to immediately change your entire floor, a large white rug would make a noticeable difference in the meantime.

Natural Light Magnifier with Wall mirrors

A very effective method of reflecting what light you do receive in your room is to fit wall mirrors. They’ll reflect every single ray of light whether it’s from a door knob, candlestick, photo frame or a chandelier. It’s designed to do most of the hard work for you.

Ambient lighting and neutral paint colours

Artificial lighting can work if you get it right. The best way of giving yourself the flexibility and freedom to use artificial light is through the use of dimmer switches. With a dimmer switch you have the ability to create ambient lighting when it is needed. When it comes to artificial lighting, it’s always important to consider the size of a room too. Rooms with high ceilings will benefit most from up lights to make spaces feel bigger, while narrower rooms will benefit most from low-level lighting to elongate the living space.

Are you a dab hand with a paint brush? If you have living rooms with dark wood flooring or rustic wood furniture then you might consider painting your walls a lighter, neutral colour like a rich grey or brown. It gives you versatility in terms of colour schemes, as well as the freedom to experiment with a splash of colour using interiors.

Low furnishings

Big furnishings that dominate any living area have the potential to block out natural sunlight. Keep your furnishings, near windows especially, as low as possible to maximise light into and around the living area.

For free advice on all glazing products call today  uPVC windows Bridgend region call 01656 743300 or uPVC windows Cardiff region call 02922 648778: one of our expert team will be happy to assist you in this matter.


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